Volunteers and Interns


TGR Exotics readily accepts volunteers that can dedicate 2-3 days a week for at least a 3 month span. Most volunteers work 4 hours a day while others work a full 8 hour day. Animal care volunteers will be responsible for the routine daily husbandry of some of the exotic and domestic species. Volunteers must be in college or have completed a college degree and have an interest in working with animals.
Volunteers that are of highschool  age may also apply but will be limited in animal care tasks. Campers that have completed a week of Junior Keeper Camp are also welcome to volunteer.
Please send a resume and cover letter stating your interests in volunteering to volunteer@tgrexotics.com


TGR Exotics also accepts interns throughout the year. Although internships are seasonal, resumes can be submitted at anytime. We have interns that accomplish a wide  variety of tasks including: animal care, commissary duties and education. Animal  Care Interns generally dedicate at least 3 months of 40 hours a week to complete an internship. Internships can  last longer but must not be shorter than 3 months. Education and commissary interns can be part-time or full time depending on the time of the year. Animal care interns will carry out daily husbandry tasks including: cleaning, distribution of diets, enrichment and training of TGR animals. Additionally, interns may  assist with diet preparation, hand rearing, catching and restraint and some medical procedures.

Commissary Interns

Commissary interns are responsible for the preparation of animal diets and keeping inventory of the  produce and other food items. Interns will also be responsible for keeping the commissary neat and clean and may assist with animal care duties.

Education Interns

Education interns will assist staff with leading tours and educational programs such as Encounters, Discovery  Classroom and
various school and scout classes. Interns may also develop curriculum that align with TEK standards and  maintain a schedule of upcoming events. Interns may also assist with animal care duties as needed. Interns should be in college or  have completed their
degree. Prior experience with exotics is preferred but not necessary. Interns must be willing to work weekends and  holidays. Interns must also provide  their own housing and transportation to TGR. All internships are unpaid, although a small stipend may be available to out of state applicants. Please send a resume and dates of availability to intern@tgrexotics.com