Programs for Boy and Girl Scouts

Earn your next Scout Badge at the TGR Exotic Wildlife Park.

Our Scout Sundays are aimed  at helping scouts achieve their learning
goals and badges. These programs are 30-45 minutes long and cover a
variety of topics, like:

  • Recycling - Learn why the 3 R's are so important
  • Tracks and Scat - Identify and make your own plaster  casts
  • Biofacts - take a closer look at bones, skulls, horns, and antlers
  • Poisonous vs Venomous - Learn the differences between the two and meet some live animals
  • Tour - Animal tours conclude with s'mores (weather  permitting)  in the Patch area.
  • Custom       Programs-We will accommodate your special scout programming needs.

Member of a Girl Scout troop examines the quill of an African Crested Porcupine