Life is a Zoo! And we would't have it any other way.

TGR Exotics is the fruition of two individuals, Troy and Gwen Scott.

Animals have always been a part of our lives and fortunately we both share that passion, or believe me it would not work. We have two sons, Rhett and   Dakota, who also share in the fun and the hard work that goes along with such an adventure.

The story started with the purchase of a pot-bellied pig and grew, just like the pig. We purchased our first llama in 1992 and have been hooked   ever since. Today our family consists of nearly 100 animals from African Crested Porcupines to Wallaroos! We supply to zoo programs all over the country.

All our   animals are raised with hands on, if not completely hand raised. Because of that   our animals have amazing personalities and dispositions. Availability varies throughout the year and in most cases there is a waiting list for most species. Animals are our passion and we love to share that passion!

Life is a total ZOO! And we would not have it any other   way.

Please Note: Not all of our exotic animals participate in   all of our events

Gwen with a lemur

Troy with Giggles, our Spotted Hyena